This program that is uniquely designed to expose inner city at-promised children to the art and sport of fishing.  HOFNOV is a nice fit for Sacramento, as it is also known as the River City which is nestled between two major rivers and several streams, creeks and lakes.  Angler Mentors are trained to teach our young anglers a variety of fishing techniques, water safety, and familiarize them with fishing equipment. We have found that fishing breaks down a multitude of barriers while creating a respect for nature and our environment. We use fishing as a vehicle to mentor to children and create real moments of truth between our angler mentors and our young anglers.  Once a trusting relationship is developed, our clients may begin to develop personal goals that they believe they can and will attain.  The surprising residual effect has been that many of our mentors have found the experience is as rewarding for them as it is for our young anglers. 

It is our mission to use sport fishing as a vehicle to mentor to children and create real moments of truth between our angler mentors and our young angler participants.  .

Our Misson

The Lives We Impact

30 January 2016

Fishing Trip to Lake Minden

Fishing allows our kids and their families to be removed from the environmental risk factors that many of them face and just be at one with nature.



Nature Heals

  • Sport Fishing Workshops 
  • Leadership Group Activities
  • Day Fishing Outings 
  • Camping Outings 
  • Fish Derbies 

30 May 2016

Annual Fishing Derby and Campout

We, at Hooked on Fishing Not on Violence are clear that our kids need structured, safe fun activities that provide learning opportunities... 

Our Services include:  

Hooked on Fishing​Not on Violence 

We serve the under-served and distressed communities of Sacramento, CA. The children and teens of these communities are especially vulnerable to environmental risk factors, such as: .crime victimization, bullying, gang and domestic violence;  drug and alcohol abuse;parental incarceration/ absenteeism or juvenile incarceration;  Poor educational outcomes; health risks from poor diets, lack of physical activity, and poor nutritional education; all resulting a health care crisis for those communities.  

​We Can Work it Out Inc. has a youth engagement project Hooked on Fishing not on Violence (HOFNOV) program that was founded in 2011 by ​ Timothy Poole